Clinician Scholars

The Clinician Scholars Program (CSP), now in its fifth year, is a one-year standardized, participant-centered course of study specifically designed for minority or predominately minority-serving, front-line clinical care providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, registered nurses, oral health providers, and pharmacists). The CSP approaches learning and individual practice transformation through intensive mentoring, an individualized approach, relationship building, longitudinal engagement, and a localized context with regional support. The program is designed to increase the capacity of clinicians to diagnosis, treat, manage, and prevent HIV/AIDS through focus on 11 core capabilities that were identified by the MATEC's regional clinical leadership to ensure that all participants who complete the CSP are proficient in areas necessary to provide at least an intermediate level of HIV/AIDS care.

In a recent article titled “Developing the HIV Workforce: The MATEC Clinician Scholars Program” in the Journal of Association of Nurses in AIDS Care , the MATEC reviewed evaluation data from Years 3 (2012-2013) and 4 (2013-2014) of the CSP and found that baseline and endpoint self-assessments of clinical knowledge and skills showed significant improvements in all 11 targeted capabilities, particularly managing antiviral medications, screening and testing methods, incorporating prevention into HIV care, understanding risk reduction methods, and describing current care standards. Mid- and end-point Faculty Mentor assessments also showed significant improvement in most capabilities. Additional benefits cited by participants include ongoing access to mentoring and training and sustained engagement in local and statewide HIV care networks.

Developing the HIV Workforce Findings Summary

Evaluating a Clinical Scholar Program to Expand the HIV Minority Provider Workforce using Mixed Methods

Under the CSP, at least 19 clinicians are expected to be recruited and retained in the program each year. At least one Scholar per year will be included from each state and 2-4 scholars are expected to participate from LPs with higher demonstrated need and HIV data (Illinois, Michigan and Ohio). CSP participants, many representative of the ethnic and minority groups of the patient and trainee populations we serve, have the option to become MATEC faculty following their successful completion of this longitudinal program.

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