Expanded Testing Initiative

Funds requested by MATEC for the CDC Expanded HIV Testing Initiative (ETI) will be used to provide training and TA in collaboration with six CDC-funded jurisdictions in our region (City of Chicago, and Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio). LPs will utilize strong existing relationships with current ETI sites in their jurisdictions to make HIV testing a more routine part of medical care.

MATEC‐IL will work with the University of Chicago (the ETI sub-grantee of the Chicago Department of Public Health) on the development of interactive presentations for bi-annual all-site meetings to address current challenges faced by testing sites. MATEC will also supply all seven ETI sites in Chicago (including two emergency departments) with MATEC-developed testing materials (i.e., patient brochures, posters, and providers’ lapel buttons). We will work with three CHCs (ETI sites of the Illinois Department of Public Health) through quarterly TA Conference Calls, training, and on-site technical assistance. MATEC‐IN, in collaboration with the Indiana State Health Department, will continue to provide training and technical support on implementing routine testing and billing for HIV screening for all ten of the clinics in the Eskenazi Health Center network. Training will include daylong biweekly interactive programs for nurses and medical assistants and quarterly meetings for all health center clinical staff. With Michigan Department of Community Health HIV Care and Prevention Section, MATEC-MI will train physicians, nurses and support staff who counsel and test patients for HIV at seven county STD clinics (Ingham, Kent, Berrien, Calhoun, Muskegon, Genesee, and Oakland) and the City of Detroit STD Clinic. STD clinic staff will receive continuing education credits which will count towards their re-certification as testers/counselors with Michigan Department of Community Health. MATEC-MO will work collaboratively with two state-funded ETI Coordinators in St. Louis and in Kansas City to identify three new testing sites annually to support through training and TA. MATEC-MO will provide training to new staff at existing testing sites. MATEC-OH will continue to collaborate with the Ohio Department of Health HIV/STD Prevention to stay current with Ohio State’s testing goals for expanded testing sites. A representative from Ohio Department of Health will attend MATEC-Ohio’s “Delivering HIV Positive Results” program and provide technical assistance regarding new technology and reporting requirements. This LP will continue to provide extensive technical assistance and resources to clinics and emergency departments requesting information on billing for HIV tests and other staff concerns.

All activities completed using CDC Expanding HIV Testing Initiative Funds will be evaluated in accordance with NEC and HRSA guidance.