Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment November 15, 2014

The Affordable Care Act made some major changes in the way individuals and families can access health insurance. This bi-weekly update throughout open enrollment is designed to provide information about health care changes for providers. While this is meant to highlight some important changes and updates, it is not an exhaustive list.

1. December 15th has come and gone, but it is not too late for individuals to enroll: While December 15th was an important deadline for those seeking coverage to begin January 1st, there is still time for individuals enroll into or make changes to their health insurance plans. Open enrollment continues through February 15, 2015. After this time, only individuals who have a qualifying life event that corresponds with a special enrollment period will be able to enroll. More information about special enrollment periods can be found here.

2. People living with HIV have a way to share any issues that they may be facing getting care: Ideally, the insurance plans into which people enroll will provide coverage that meets their individual health needs. However, if people living with HIV do have barriers or issues arise with their health coverage, in addition to working with their plan to resolve issues, they can also report it through the Speak Up! project, a part of This will help to identify issues that need to be addressed and inform advocacy efforts moving forward.

3. Not all plans provide the same coverage for individuals using PrEP: PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) coverage in a health plan may be an important aspect of coverage for individuals who are currently taking or are considering taking PrEP for HIV prevention. Coverage of the prescription Truvada as PrEP varies between insurance companies and even between plans. You can find a summary of monthly out-of-pocket costs for Truvada that an individual can expect to pay in Illinois Marketplace plans here.

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