Top 3 Things Providers Should Know: Advanced Premium Tax Credits, Chicago area MMAI enrollment, applications for "Get Covered Illinois Program"

  1. Please remind your clients -- consumers receiving Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) should file their 2014 taxes, including Form 8962, before August 31 or ASAP so they can continue receiving APTCs next year. While the Internal Revenue Service deadline is October 15, filing taxes before August 31 will best ensure consumers avoid any gaps in their financial assistance. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is encouraging assisters to reach out to consumers to inform them and has stated this is part of re-enrollment follow up that assisters can do.
  2. News alert! We recently learned that another round of passive enrollment is going to be conducted for the MMAI program. Approximately 14,000 dual eligibles (people with Medicare and Medicaid) in the greater Chicago area will be receiving MMAI enrollment letters in the coming weeks, with plan effective dates of either November 1 or December 1, 2015. If these individuals do not respond to their MMAI enrollment letter, they will be passively enrolled into the MMAI plan listed on their letter. At this time, no new MMAI passive enrollments are being conducted in central Illinois - only in the Chicago area. Additionally, some dual eligibles in the Chicago area may not receive MMAI enrollment letters due to complex rules regarding passive enrollment. When an individual receives an MMAI enrollment letter, s/he should follow the instructions in the letter and contact Client Enrollment Services at (877)912-8880 to enroll in a plan, change plans or opt out of the program. We have updated our MMW MMAI Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for professionals in response to this new round of passive enrollment. You can review that document on our website here.
  3. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Get Covered Illinois today announced that it will be accepting applications from community organizations and other qualified entities that wish to participate in the 2016 Get Covered Illinois' In-Person Counselor (IPC) Program, the outreach and education arm for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Illinois. "We are extremely proud of Get Covered Illinois' work to provide access to quality affordable health care to nearly 1 million Illinois residents within the first two years of the program," said Illinois Department of Insurance Acting Director Anne Melissa Dowling. "We realize that there is still more work to do and are thrilled with the opportunity to continue the program to help grow enrollment, improve health insurance literacy, and positively impact health outcomes across Illinois."

Additionally, grantees of the program will continue to receive the highest levels of training and certification but also will provide further training for the development of a Community Health Worker (CHW) Program as envisioned by the Illinois CHW Advisory Board. As part of a broad strategy to expand cooperation with the Community Health Worker/Patient Navigator community, GCI will launch an initiative to support IPCs interested in continuing and building on their work as Assisters in new roles. "Enrolling residents for health insurance allows people to have what we call 'medical homes,' a place where people can receive care from a health care provider for routine check-ups and illness, instead of waiting until a condition is so bad the person needs to visit the emergency department," said Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D. "Continuing to partner with community organizations that will educate and help individuals sort through coverage options will allow us to reach more people across Illinois and improve the overall health of the state."

GCI recently completed a highly successful second enrollment period in which federal authorities announced 349,487 Illinois residents enrolled in a plan through the Illinois Health Insurance Marketplace. Coupled with enrollment of approximately 622,673 people to date in Medicaid under the ACA, more than 972,160 Illinois residents have received coverage as a result of the state's enrollment efforts. For more information about the state's implementation of the ACA, go to

*All information in this newsletter has been provided by HelpHub, an online community where enrollment and outreach specialists in Illinois can share their experiences helping consumers enroll into new health care options under the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). To request an invite, email [email protected] with the name of your organization, address (including zip code) and details of your ACA involvement. (We will do our best to get to your request within 48 hours during business days.) Thank you!*