Our Staff

MATEC Central Office Staff

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Department of Family Medicine
1919 W Taylor, 8th Floor (MC 779), Chicago, IL 60612
P: 312.996.1373; F: 312.413.4184 [email protected]

Ricardo Rivero, MD, MPH
Executive Director/Principal Investigator
P: 312.413.1375 [email protected]

A headshot of Renslow Sherer
Renslow Sherer, MD
Regional Clinical Director
P: 773.702.0853 ext. 2710 [email protected]

A headshot of Nathan Linsk
Nathan Linsk, PhD
Co-Principal Investigator, Co-Founder
[email protected]

a headshot of Barbara Schechtman
Barbara Schechtman
Co-Principal Investigator
[email protected]>

Kishore Shetty, DDS, MS, MPA
Regional Dental Director
[email protected]

Teresa Haro
Regional Assistant Director, AETC Project
P: 312.996.3160 [email protected]

Kalob J. Gossett, MHA
Project Coordinator, Midwest Integration of the National HIV Curriculum (MINHC)
P: 312.413.8739 [email protected]

Kirsten Corrigan, MHA
Regional Coordinator, Practice Transformation
Regional Coordinator, Midwest Fellowship for Primary Care Champions (MFPCC)
P: 319.440.7084 [email protected]

Tom McCampbell
Business Office Assistant/IT
P: 312.355.0803 [email protected]

Corina Wagner, M.Ed, MBA
Research and Evaluation Manager
P: 312.996.9810 [email protected]

Salma Alabduljabbar, MPH
Data Manager
P: 312.413.7539 [email protected]

Kerry Kim
Fiscal Manager
P: 312.996.1630 [email protected]

MATEC Illinois Staff

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago, Department of Family Medicine
1919 W Taylor, 8th Floor (MC 779), Chicago, IL 60612
P: 312.996.1373; F: 312.413.4184

A headshot of Catherine Creticos
Catherine M Creticos, MD
IL Clinical Director
P: 773.296.7039 [email protected]

Shanett Jones, MPH, MBA
IL Program Director
P: 312.413.4803 [email protected]

Estela Balderas
Program & Marketing Coordinator
P: 312.996.1484 [email protected]

Chena Brown
Health Education Coordinator
P: 312.996.1413 [email protected]

Brian Taylor, MPA, CHES
Health Education Coordinator
P: 312.996.0224 [email protected]

Lonnie Kenebrew
Training Assistant
P: 312.996.4429 [email protected]

MATEC Indiana Staff

Eskenazi Health
720 Ezkenazi Avenue, Fifth Third Bank Building, 1st Floor – Bell Flower Suite, Indianapolis, IN 46202
F: 317.880.0325

Bree Weaver, MD
IN Clinical Director
P: 317.278.7129 [email protected]

a headshot of Malinda Boehler
Malinda Boehler, MSW, LCSW
IN Program Director
P: 317-880-3520 [email protected]

Christine Balt, DNP(c), FNP, BC, AACRN
Clinical Coordinator
P: 317.880.3509 [email protected]

Karen Curd
Program Manager
P: 317.880.3519 [email protected]

Rachel Fogleman, CHES
Programming Coordinator, MATEC-IN
Regional MAI Coordinator, MATEC-CO
P: 317.880.3517 [email protected]

Danielle Jacobs-Chan, BA
Programming Coordinator
P: 317.880.3527 [email protected]

Shawn Carney
Practice Transformation Coach
P: 502.727.2456 [email protected]

MATEC Kansas/Nebraska Staff

The University of Kansas, School of Medicine -Wichita
1010 N Kansas St., Wichita, KS 67214

a headshot of Donna Sweet
Donna Sweet, MD, MACP
KS/NE Clinical Director
P: 316.293.2682 [email protected]

a headshot of Susan L. Tusher
Susan L. Tusher, LMSW
KS/NE Program Director
P: 316.293.2682 [email protected]

MATEC Michigan Staff

Wayne State University School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine
2727 Second Avenue, Suite 138, Detroit, MI 48201
P: 313.962.2000; F: 313.962.4444

Jonathan Allen Cohn, MD, MS, FACP, FIDSA
MI Clinical Director
P: 313.577.3238 x3357 [email protected]

a headshot of Mary Rose Forsyth
Mary Rose Forsyth, MA, MSN
MI Program Director
P: 313.408.3483 [email protected]

Darrielle Williams, BPA
Practice Transformation Coach
P: 313.962.2000 [email protected]

Jihan El-Hage
Data Manager
P: 313.962.2000 [email protected]

Warren Bickes
Continuing Education Supervisor and Payment Expediter
P: 313.962.2000 [email protected]

Casey Martens, MSN, NP-C
Training Specialist
P: 313.962.2000 [email protected]

MATEC Minnesota/Iowa Staff

University of Minnesota, School of Public Health, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health
1300 South Second Street, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55454
F: 312.624.0315 www.mnmatec.umn.edu

Brian Goodroad, DNP, APRN, CNP
MN/IA Clinical Advisor
[email protected]

a headshot of Sarah Rybicki
Sarah Rybicki, MSW, MPH
MN/IA Program Director
P: 612.626.3609 [email protected]

Emily Petran, MPH
Assistant Director
P: 612-625-6979 [email protected]

Nicole Benson
Project Associate
P: 612.626.7460 [email protected]

Kathryn Burklund
Special Project Manager
P: 865.824.7385 [email protected]

Shana Kagan, MPH, MN, RN, PHN
Special Project Manager
P: 952.380.7839 [email protected]

MATEC Missouri Staff

KC CARE Health Center
3515 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111
P: 816.753.5144; F: 816.753.0804 www.kccare.org

Blair Thedinger, MD
MO Clinical Director
P: 816.225.9489 [email protected]

Tusday Dudley, M.ED
MO Program Director
P: 816.777.1596 [email protected]

Beeta Kashani-McCroy, MPH
Training Coordinator in Kansas City
P: 816.753.5144, ext. 1294 [email protected]

Simone Phillips
Training Coordinator in St. Louis
P: 314.643.6441 [email protected]

Ashley Johnson
Administrative Assistant
P: 816.753.5144 x1328 [email protected]

MATEC Ohio Cincinnati Staff

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases Center
Holmes Building, Room 3103, Cincinnati, OH 45267
P: 513.584.7535; F: 513.584.6363

a headshot of Pamposh Kaul
Pamposh Kaul, MD
OH-CIN Clinical Director
P: 513.584.3401 [email protected]

Mary Beth Donica, MD
OH-CIN Co-Program Director
P: 513-584-2422 [email protected]

Ashley Clonchmore, MSW
OH-CIN Co-Program Director
P: 513.584.1488 [email protected]

T'Keyah Grier, MPH
Community Educator
P: 513.584.6385 [email protected]

MATEC Ohio Columbus Staff

The Ohio State University, University Medical Center, Division of Infectious Diseases
431 McCampbell Hall, 1581 Dodd Dr., Columbus, OH 43210
P: 614.293.6722; F: 614.293.5240

a headshot of Michael Para
Michael Para, MD
OH-COL Clinical Director
P: 614.293.5666 [email protected]

a headshot of Jane Russell
Jane Russell, BSN, RN, ACRN
OH-COL Program Director
P: 614.293.6722 [email protected]

David Andrist, MS
Outreach/Education Coordinator
P: 614.293.6725 [email protected]

MATEC Wisconsin Staff

University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Medicine and Public Health
310 N. Midvale Blvd – Suite 302, Madison, WI 53705
F: 608.261.1187 https://matecwisconsin.wisc.edu

a headshot of James Sosman
James Sosman, MD, FACP, AAHIVS
WI Clinical Director
P: 608.263.3083 [email protected]

Amanda Wilkins, MPA
WI Program Director
P: 608.261.1152 [email protected]

Lisa A. Currie, MSEd, MEd
Program Coordinator
P: 608.265.0873 [email protected]

Emma Reusch
Grant and Outreach Coordinator
P: 608.265.8798 [email protected]